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It’s a place where

the history and culture of Tartars, Lithuanians, Polish and other nations meet

Thank you for visiting Vinksnupiai Manor restoration project website

Our vision is to bring this beautiful piece of architecture and multicultural heritage back to life so it could be the centre of the community again.

Our vision is to see Vinksnupiai Manor renovated so that it can serve as a historical, cultural and art centre for the community again while enriching the lives of everyone visiting. With your help this aim can be achieved.

As part of this project, we will strive to collate as much evidence of the history of the Manor, therefore we would be grateful if you could share any information or cultural artefact you have, any stories, photographs, books, or paintings.

Why we care?

The Manor, in Lithuania is perceived as a centre of cultural, economical, and even political or former administrative unit. Many Lithuanian estates sadly were destroyed during the two World Wars or later on. The Viksnupiai Manor managed to survive the wars but is now falling apart during the times of country’s independence.

For more than a decade, Vilkaviskis district municipality has been trying to sell the manor but not successfully. Why it was not renovated, it is hard to say. We can only guess that when the manor was included into the privatization objects list in 2009, its renovation was postponed to the distant future.

Sisters Rita and Ramune, who originate from Vinksnupiai, and a team of like-minded people decided to save the disappearing history. Who else would do this, if not us? After seeing how severely deteriorated the building is, we acted, and purchased the manor. We do not know how many times it was for sale since 2009, but this time, apart from the Public Institution run by us, there was no one willing to buy it again.

Vinksnupiai Manor Fundraising

The Manor is owned by the Public Institution ‘Klasikos projektai’, with the help of which the fundraising for the repairs of the Manor has been established. The activities are strictly controlled by the Government; which makes sure that your support will be dedicated to the renovation of the Manor only.

We are inviting you to join us on this journey and become part of the future of Vinksnupiai Manor. Together, we can revive this beautiful building and ensure that it remains a valuable part of the cultural heritage. Our team will put all their efforts to make this happen.

Vinkšnupių daro paramos fondas

Vinkšnupių daro paramos fondas

Vinkšnupių daro paramos fondas

Vinkšnupių daro paramos fondas

Vinkšnupių daro paramos fondas