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The Manor of Patilčiai

Fragments of the Patilčiai manor house

The homestead of Patilčiai Manor, about 6.3 km from Vinksnupiai Manor, is abandoned and falling into disrepair. Unique code 868 in the Register of Cultural Property.

The village of Patilčiai was first mentioned in 1637, and according to historiography, from 1693 the manor of Patilčiai was owned by Baranowski. Later on, the estate was owned by other persons – Rojecki, Butrimovich, Austutovich. In 1784, the owner was the Tatar Baranowski. In 1887 there were 9 buildings in the manor and the village. From 1910 the manor was owned by Zenonas Rekošas (Rakuža) and in 1913 it was bought by Augustas Dobrovolskis. The last owner of the manor was a Jew, E. Arcik, who died during World War II.

Patilčiai manor is very closely linked to Parausiai manor, as both manors were managed by the same owner since the beginning of the 20th century. According to archival data, as early as 1925, a chapel stood in the park of the manor, where, according to sources, the unmarried sister of Zenonas Rekoš (Rakuža) was buried.

The manor house was demolished in around 2000. According to the sources, the first administrators of the manor were buried in the Tatar cemetery, the remains of which are located on the western side of the Patilčiai-Degučiai road.