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You can support our activities the following ways:

Contribute by allocating 1.2% of your annual income tax!

Therefore, we sincerely ask you to consider allocating 1.2% of your annual income tax to the conservation works of the Vinkšnupiai Manor. This support will not cost you anything more, because when declaring income each year, you can allocate part of your personal tax already paid. If you do not exercise your right to provide support, the money will remain in the state budget and will be used at the discretion of the states.

If you consider supporting the project this way, please fill in an application form, which you can submit electronically via the Elektroninio deklaravimo sistemą (EDS) Electronic Declaration System (EDS). This must be done by 2nd May this year.

How to fill out the form FR0512

If you chose to fill in the form online via your electronic banking system – please choose an electronic declaration. The Bank will then transfer you to the STI website.

The link to STI Electronic Declaration System (EDS) is:

Please Click on “Declaration” (at the top) → “Complete the form” (on the left) → “Application to provide support” (The most common forms filled in) → “Fill in the form directly on the portal”

Filling out the form:

Please enter the code 306268990. Find Vinkšnupiai Manor Support Fundraising and record the number of percentages, maximum possible – 1.2% of annual income tax.

Requisites for 1.2% support:

Beneficiary identification No (code) : 306268990

Name of beneficiary: Vinkšnupiai Manor Fundraising


Support via PayPal

 When you chose this payment method (please press ‘PayPal’ icon below), you will then be automatically diverted to ‘PayPal’ payment system. Please enter the amount you wish to donate and the payment will be set for you which you will need to confirm afterwards.

Payment via ‘PayPal’ is direct. But if you do not have ‘PayPall’ account, you can always make a donation using your credit or debit card.


Transfer via your internet banking by bank transfer:

1.Beneficiary: Vinkšnupiai Manor Fundraising

2.Recipient code: 306268990

3.Beneficiary’s account number: LT387300010176939497

4.Swedbank, AB, code 73000 (SWIFT code: HABALT22XXX)

5.Purpose of payment: e.g. “Support for the reconstruction of Vikšnupiai manor”


Support in any other ways

To support our activities in other ways, such as providing and sharing information, photographs, and any other valuable historical or architectural materials, please write to us by e-mail:

We invite you to consider contributing to the preservation of the Manor House and supporting the community center in Vinkšnupiai.

There are some urgent jobs that need doing, and any delay is a step back. Mandatory works include researches, consultations with architects, preparation of the project plan, without which no works could be carried out.