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Piliakalniai Mound

Piliakalniai Mound

Located about 2.9 km away from Vinksnupiai Manor, the Piliakalni Mound with a lower ward and a settlement is an archaeological site located in Lithuania, near the village of Piliakalniai, in the Vilkaviskis district. The site consists of a lower ward and a settlement dating back to the Iron Age and the medieval period.

The mound of Piliakalniai was probably used for defensive purposes by the Baltic tribes that inhabited the area. The mound was surrounded by defensive walls and ditches and is thought to have been used as a shelter during war.

The archaeologists who excavated the site uncovered a wide range of artefacts, including pottery, metal objects and bones. These artefacts provide valuable insights into the lives of the people who lived in the Mound of Piliakalniai with its lower ward and settlement over the centuries.

Today, the Mound with its lower ward and settlement is a popular tourist attraction, open to visitors who want to learn more about the ancient history of Lithuania.

According to one of the versions, this could have been the site of Pilėnai, the assault upon which the chronicler Vygandas Marburgietis wrote on 25 February 1336.

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