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Papiliakalniai hillfort

Papiliakalniai hillfort

The Papiliakalniai hillfort is currently poorly maintained, overgrown with trees and shrubs. The main elements are the site (oval, approximately 50×24 m in size) and the two ring-shaped embankments that once surrounded it.

The surface of the earth has been cultivated for a long time, so the hillfort is heavily abandoned, one annular embankment has been completely destroyed, and the second remaining only a small part – 0.5 meters high and 12 meters wide.

On the east side of it are trenches dug in 1944, and in the northern part stands a monument erected in 1994 in memory of the soldiers of the 432nd Regiment of the German 131st Infantry Division, who died in October 1944.

The hillfort is away from Vinksnupiai manor for about 14 kilometers, which can be overcome on foot by admiring the views of nature.