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Our sincere thanks to:

Our sincere thanks those who support our work and share their information, photos, valuable historical material, etc.

The photographer Kęstutis Inkrata for the amazing photos of the Manor;

Laura Kupčinskienė, the student of Master degree at the Faculty of Arts of VMU, for allowing us to use her master’s thesis and photos from her work “Heritage of manors and homesteads of Vilkaviškis district: Their cultural value and meaning of use’’;

 Violeta Raulinaitiene, the Clerk to Bartninkai, for all her support to us, ongoing cooperation and historical knowledge;

Alvydas Totoris for sharing historical maps and other information;

Lucia Gaidukevičienė for her historical knowledge, and the Tatar cultural heritage she has collated over the years. Thank you for the support and future plans to establish a Tatar household museum once the Vinksnupiai Manor is renovated;

Tamara Krinickiene, descendant of the owners of the Manor Baranauskas for sharing her historical knowledge and sincere support for the project.