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Naujienele Mound

Naujienele mound is called Aukstakalnis (tall-mound), Kovakalnis (battle-mound)

Naujienele mound and its settlement is a cultural heritage site in the municipality of Kalvarija. It is located about 4.4 km from Vinksnupiai Manor. The unique code of the Register of Cultural Property is 5084.

The Naujienele Mound (Aukstakalnis, Kovakalnis) is currently poorly visited, unattended, overgrown with trees and bushes. The main elements are a small platform (oval, approximately 28 × 25 m) and a rampart. The area is ploughed, excavated with pits and the remains of matonical structures are visible.

The mound dates back to the 1st millennium – early 2nd millennium.