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Hometown of Jonas Basanavičius

The complex of the birthplace and other objects of Jonas Basanavicius, a signatory of the Independence Act of 16 February 1918,

Jonas Basanavičius homestead-museum, located 7 km away from Vinksnupiai manor, in Ožkabaliai village, Bartininkai municipality, Vilkaviskis district, is a historical homestead with a house, built in 1832. It had a barn, a pigsty, a granary, a barn and an oil house. The buildings were burnt down in 1924, but J. Basanavičius rebuilt them. During the war, the homestead burnt down again, but after the renaissance, the homestead’s surroundings began to be cleaned up. In 1991, the homestead-museum was reopened.

The homestead features a Suvalkija farmer’s courtyard with traditional huts. The farmhouse has a building with a museum and administration. Furniture, textiles and Basanavičius’ personal belongings are on display. There is also a reading room with a photo exhibition and another building with household objects. The courtyard of the homestead is suitable for events and has a stage and threshing machines.

The homestead and the Lithuanian national revival oak grove (Lietuvos tautinio atgimimo ąžuolynas) have been restored since 1988. The homestead and the oak grove were maintained by different administrations and families. In 2010, they were handed over to the National Museum of Lithuania.


Hometown of Jonas Basanavičius in photos