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Where we began

Vinksnupiai Manor has not been properly maintained for many years and therefore was slowly reaching the state of being condemned to disappear into the unknown past. In 2008 its condition was recognized as dangerous and since then only minor repairs have been carried out to prevent the manor house from total collapse.

In the register of legal acts, we found out that from 7 October 2009 when the State decided not to renovate the building, Vinksnupiai Manor was included in the list of objects for privatization. For more than a decade, the building was for sale, but no buyers were found.

Then on 17 February 2023, the Public Institution “Klasikos projektai” purchased the Manor, and established the Vinksnupiai Manor Fundraising, seeking for the financial help in its restoration process.

The Manor is a cultural heritage building, but in order for the State to contribute to its restoration at least partially, the Status of the Protected Cultural Heritage object must be granted. The Manor House restoration team are working to achieve it.

The determination works of the condition of the construction of the Manor have already begun. First, the state of the building construction will be assessed, and the remaining authentic valuables will be registered to recreate the original state of the manor.

We are planning to cooperate with the Ministry of the Culture, Vilkaviskis District Municipality, the Department of Cultural Heritage, and all those who want to contribute to the preservation of this Manor.

In the meantime, we have uploaded documents related to the condition of the Manor for public awareness.

Building condition assessment documentation

2009-10-07 Vinksnupiai Manor was already included in the list of privatisation objects (Resolution published in Žin., 1998, No 21-537).