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Bartininkai Church

Complex of buildings of the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Bartininkai

The Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Bartininkai is a former masonry church, registered in 2003 as a cultural heritage object with unique code 28190. It is about 6.1 km away from Vinksnupiai Manor.

Although the church was in a state of severe disrepair in 2003. Some valuable elements of the building still remain, including fragments of the original walls, the window openings of the peaked arches, the front section with a relief cross in the centre of the west facade and the metal window frames. The ruins are used for various cultural events such as concerts, film screenings and other gatherings.

The church is also a popular tourist destination, as Jonas Basanavičius, the father of modern Lithuania, was baptised here.

In 2020, the remaining elements of the old church were preserved to ensure that the space remains safe for cultural events. The collapsed walls of the church were restored, and a zinc coating was added to the old tower walls. The original plaster, damaged cornices and additional metal and reinforced concrete beams were also restored. The original church towers have also been fully renovated to allow observation and accommodation of visitors. The repaired church walls have been filled with the original stones where they had collapsed. In the future, the renovated church will be covered with an authentic roof that reflects the original design of the building.

In 2018, two music videos of the Vytautas Magnus University Chamber Orchestra were filmed in the building complex of the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Bartininkai.

B’ART – in the ruins of Bartininkai Church

In the ruins of the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Bartininkai, a unique monument to Jonas Basanavičius, the b’ART series of events is taking place to draw everyone’s attention to this magnificent monument of architecture, history, and nature, and to encourage it to be preserved for future generations.

Foto: Robertas Levickas

Foto: Jonas Juškevičius

Bartininkai Church in photos